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Dental Cleaning and Periodontal Health

Probably the most important part of dental care is keeping the teeth and gums (gingiva) clean and healthy. Simply put, if we don't have healthy gums, then we won't have healthy teeth...if we have teeth at all.

Our gingival structures are vital in supporting the bone that stabilizes our teeth and the teeth themselves. It is extremely important that we are involved with a regimented problem-focused system with our dental offices.

The danger to your gums is caused by Biofilm. Biofilm is simply a substate or place that enables bacteria to grow. Dirty is probably not the best word to describe the bacterial activity in the mouth, but it helps to describe the environment. In the mouth we have all kinds of bacteria types...and they are having a party. We (hosts) have, at no expense to our little 8-micron friends, created a perfect warm, moist environment for bacterial growth. We have areas of the mouth where there is lots of oxygen where aerobic bacteria (oxygen loving) bacteria live. We have areas where there is not so much oxygen such as gum pockets (periodontal pocket), where anaerobic (non-oxygen) loving bacteria abound. Actually, in regards to periodontal (gum) health, anaerobes are the bad eggs that, for the most part, lead to gum diseases. Anyway, it takes about 90 days for biofilms to grow. In the mouth, the biofilm is everywhere.

To decrease gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), and periodontal desease (gum infection) we need to remove the biofilm from your teeth. We do that with cavitron cleanings. A cavitron is a revolutionary device that is designed to quickly, gently remove stain, biofilm, and calculus (tartar) from your teeth. The cavitron has a little tip that vibrates a high frequency while squirting water. As it works it cleanses the tooth surface while irrigating the surrounding area carrying off the debri. The vibration/water action also produces air bubbles that kill the anaerobic bacteria. Cavitrons work very well and are changing the way that we treat periodontal diseases.

At our office each patient is given one hour cleaning appointments. This gives our hygienists enough time to properly and thoroughly cavitron, scale, and polish your teeth. We polish the teeth with a prophyjet. A prophyjet is a polishing devise that efficiently removes stains and polishes teeth.

We are proud to be able to offer a full range of periodontal recare in our Daytona Beach office with very qualified hygienists that take pride in keeping your mouths healthy and your smiles bright.

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