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Endodontics - Root Canals

Endodontics is the procedure which removes the nerve from a tooth. We remove the nerve of a tooth when it becomes infected and dies. When the nerve dies, usually from decay that has entered the tooth from the outside and traveled deep to the nerve, an infected area known as an abscess can form. This abscess can become very painful and even has the ability to spread more infection throughout the body. To remedy this problem we remove the source of the infection, which is the removing the nerve.

I'm sure that you have heard the horror stories of people going through root canals, but much has changed in regards to endodontic therapies of today. With quick-acting, better anesthesia, root canals are not as difficult for the patient as in the past. Dentists can also perform the procedures quicker which also makes it easier for the patient

Once infection has entered to nerve canal the only other option rather then endodontic therapy, is extraction of the tooth, therefore we perform root canals routinely in our Daytona dental office. I also routinely refer certain cases to root canal specialists (Endodontists). We are very lucky in this area to have very competent specialists and I am very proud to work with these practitioners knowing that our patients are in very good hands.

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