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Conservative (non-surgical) Periodonal Therapy - also know as Scaling and Root Planing

You have been diagnosed as having periodontal (Gum) Disease. Don’t feel discouraged or alone. Up to 85% of all Americans have some form of gum disease, but the good news is it’s now treatable by conservative means.


Periodontal disease consists of localized bacterial infections in your gums. It is caused by many factors, including tartar and plaque buildup, nutrition, medications, heredity and your own resistance level to the disease. We do know that it is primarily a painless disease that, if left untreated, will probably result in the loss of your teeth. The disease attacks by dissolving the supporting bone around your teeth. The teeth can become loose and eventually fall out.


Although bleeding gums will sometimes accompany the disease, the only way that gum disease can be accurately diagnosed is with an instrument called a periodontal probe. This is a slender instrument with millimeter markings that fits in the space between your gum and tooth. By measuring each tooth and dental radiographs, we can determine whether or not any bone loss has occurred. A 5-millimeter reading represents slight bone loss that can be readily treated by conservative means. Any number higher than 5 millimeters represents more severe bone loss. The number and severity of the disease sites will determine which periodontal treatment is recommended for you.


Your Daytona Dental Hygienist will be thoroughly cleaning and smoothing your teeth and roots underneath the gums where the disease is active. A local anesthetic will be used to achieve this goal, but we emphasize this is NOT surgery; your gums will not be cut. The Hygienist will flush the gums with peroxide to help eliminate any bacteria left after scaling and root planning. By combining both the deep periodontal scaling and good home care, we can predictably shrink the periodontal pockets.


Gum disease can’t be cured, but can be controlled. How well it is controlled is largely up to you. The critical factors are regular use of the recommended home care devices and keeping up with our recommended maintenance schedule with the hygienist after the active therapy is complete. At each maintenance visit, your gums will be re-charted and evaluated. The amount of time between maintenance visits will be determined on an individual basis. Please follow the Doctors recommended schedule, which will be customized for you. Remember once you have gum disease, the possibility of recurrence is always there.

If you have any further questions has failed to answer please don’t hesitate to contact us. Together, with your help, gum disease can be controlled and you can enjoy the benefits of having you own teeth for a lifetime.

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