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Glass Ionomers

Glass ionomers are tooth-colored restorations more designed to restore, or build up posterior teeth and deeper restorations.  Two great properties of glass ionomers is that they bond chemically to dentin and they release fluoride.  Fluoride, as we know, helps fight tooth decay by hardening tooth structure.

Glass ionomer restorations also work well in restoring eroded areas on the sides of teeth near the gum.  These are classified as class V cavities. 

Glass ionomers work well as core buildups.  Core buildups are large supporting restorations that we place crowns over.  Glass ionomers tend to wear down over time in the molar/ pre-molar areas, therefore in many cases I will place a glass ionomer as a base to protect the inner part of the tooth .  I will then place a harder composite over the chewing surface of the restoration for better long term stability.  This is a one appointment procedure in my Daytona dentist's office.

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